The universe if we could see it

Who created the universe? I have not seen him. But what is the universe?Here it is defined within the limited knowledge gathered by limited senses. Universe is a multi-dimensional matrix of many points.


A dimension is a scale to measure existence of something.Dimensions must be independent of each other. Imagine there is a line between two points. This is one dimension. A triangle made out of lines is two dimensional. A pyramid made out of triangles is a three dimensional figure. More dimension cannot be defined by 3-d geometry. Because in that case the dimensions will become dependent on each other. Then we have to raise our geometry from lines to some other context.

The limitation of our knowledge is that we do not know what is life force. Is it energy? Any chemical formula? no body can say it for sure. No body has created it without help of another life. So let us assume that life is made out of feelings.

There are two points of each feeling. One sends it and one receives it. So we can imagine a vector line forming between two individual points having life. This is forming a dimension. Now Imagine Many points scattered on space in an order. They are separated by space. Which is their boundary so that two points don’t merge. But they can connect with each other optionally. This is how multidimensional universe is made and each feeling is independent of other feelings. So It validates itself as a dimension.

The existence of anything goes beyond physical realm. Life proves it. If we have to develop Artificial intelligence, we must value the dimension of feelings.

Feeling can be of love or hatred for example. From one point a feeling transmutes to other. Good feelings, if well received make us happy, lively and cured from pain and diseases. Bad feelings can make life hell.

The primary object of the universe as it seems, or at least for the well being of the lives inside it is to increase happy feelings between two points. Then Three then in a group and it spreads. However if the points are unable to connect, then it does not happen.

How can we transmute good feelings? It can be made by saving others from pain and giving others a piece of your joy. It is hard for a robot and people who have become robot because of too much analytical thinking. That is why robots can not have Artificial Intelligence, If they get AI, they will not remain robots anymore by conventional definition.

If we make Artificial intelligence or want to transform a robot minded human being then we can use these algorithms to satisfy the purpose of universe

Laws of Life: (Beta version)

1.Know universe is multi-dimensional as described above.

2. You me all are same. We have same purpose of spreading good feelings.

3. There is a boundary between you and me. Our skin colour, race, gender etc That make us unique and different for recognition of a single point- you or me.

4. In happiness the purpose is to send good feelings.

5. In adversity the purpose is to keep hope.

6. In power the duty is to help those who are in adverse situation

7. We all are in pain sometimes and feel good when someone saves us.

8. Also there is beauty all around which helps us to generate good feelings.

9. If you love you will get loved by other because in universe each point is representing each other but divided by dimensions. So a person changes a group, a group changes a larger group till universe is purified.

10.Accept boundaries and respect them Understand why they are there by the sight of the universe not ego. Is the reason for good feeling or bad? if good keep them. If bad break them.

11. Protect environment because the environment protects you. If you destroy the environment (never we  wish) , the environment will destroy you.

You can share the message to as many as you can. Comment if you need any help. Or want to help me. Lots of love.



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