Can You Think Rich To Actually Get Rich?

How to make money? How does the rich get richer everyday? Is it just Luck? Or is there something in their mindset that sets them apart? Here are the some common perspectives of all rich people. Lets see what they are:


think rich to get rich

Money is our friend:

“ Money is the root of all evil” If we believe in this saying , we have started in the wrong direction. Because money is just a tool. It can be used for good things like having a good lifestyle and financial security. Also it can be used for bad things like greed and envy. If we don’t accept money as a good thing, our subconscious mind will try to avoid money. So if we want to get rich,  we have to regard money as a positive thing.

Dare to aim unreasonably high:

Most people like to think small. They like to gather around easy and safe opportunities. That is why there is so much competition in the small ponds of financial market. You have to link your passion to a business. You have to think big. Most importantly you have to do something which nobody does. Only then we can be the best of world in our field. That is when the big wealth flows in.

Generate Ideas:

When it comes to making money, we have to generate new ideas every day. Good or bad ideas don’t matter. This exercise is only to awaken the money making portion of our brain that has become inactive. Once started, it will be able to generate ideas that are worth investing our time and resources. For starters, you can search online for some ideas. (Like this one: you can come with your own. 

Take Shots:

Whenever a prospect of money comes around us, we often do not start working on them. It is because the mind can also be very good at clouding our thoughts with negativity. This is bad for getting money. We have to consciously make decisions to take actions. We have to leave our comfort zone every day. Only then we can get better than what we were yesterday.

Deal with negative situations:

Whatever happened in the past, we cannot change it. It is also very bad if we start over-analyzing what we should have done and what should have been avoided. This kind of over-analyzing creates self-criticism which is never good for our confidence. So we must focus on our positive sides and turn the negative things into Lessons for the future. Like a bad break up, we should always learn from the past mistakes, avoid them in the future and get over it so that we can concentrate on the present.

Everything may not go as planned:

Survival is a priority for every Human mind. That is why It likes to plan things beforehand for safety. If anything does not go as per our plan, we become cautious. But life changes every moment. There are endless possibilities. If we have lost something, then there is an opportunity for even better things. Some days we achieve what we want. Some days we don’t. We have to always focus on the positive things, fix our eyes on the goal and move ahead.

Do you agree or disagree with these tips? Please let us know with your comments.

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