Quit Smoking, kick the butt finally! How and what to do?

Quit smoking. But how? If you can follow the following instructions, after 60 days you will stop having cravings to smoke like you do now.

Quit smoking

Quit Smoking :


Write down on a piece of paper: Why smoking is bad to me? (eg. Causes cancer, pain in lungs, lack of breath, waste of money etc). Also write why giving up will benefit me (eg. Will improve breathing, improved lungs, High energy, More savings etc.). Whenever cravings come take this paper out and remind yourself the the reasons you quit. This step is the most important for the next steps to work, so take your time and really ask yourself why have you decided to quit finally. Write everything you can come up with.


NOW is the best time to give up. Note down the time, day, month and year when you decided to quit smoking. This will help you to track your progress in the future. Also remember that willpower alone is not enough. Because when a craving comes, your own willpower, at that  time, can turn around and bribe you into smoking with short term pleasure. Always remember this word “Cancer”. If possible, visit the nearest cancer treatment hospital. See how sorrowful cancer patients are. Do everything to really BELIEVE smoking is bad.


Do you remember that there were specific times when we generally liked to smoke? Like after waking up, after meal, with tea, at breaks etc. During these periods strong cravings to smoke may still come now. We call these events “Smoking Triggers”.  When these cravings come, replace the triggers with some pleasant activity to take your mind off smoking, like: take long walks, take chewing gums, speak with your friends and families until the cravings pass away. The cravings last for few minutes only.


Get rid of ashtrays, lighters and cigarette butts inside your house. Also any other thing that can remind you of smoking. Also be on-guard against smoking while meeting smoker friends. Smoking is your enemy here not your friends. You have to remain fully alert at all time for at least 60 days. Then it will be a lot easier.


Be prepared: There will be multiple times, just around three weeks after you have quit smoking, you will feel so bad as if a close friend of yours has died! You mind and body will want to smoke again. How to win here? Whenever you feel you need to smoke for some reason, counter it with a reason why not to smoke till the craving passes away. And be assured, the craving will pass seeing your crazy will power. 😉 Below are some quick counter-reasons to guide you:

I need to take a smoking break to relax >Smoking causes pain in the lungs. I liked smoking >I would like to improve my senses of smelling, tasting, I want to look younger, have stamina. (If you are really creative you can notice how the reasons should be stated in past tense. This helps to assign smoking as a past habit. We are fooling our brain for a greater cause 🙂 ) Whatever the reason was, you can always replace it with a default counter-reason of having cancer. This process is crucial to rewire our brain against any type of addiction.

Also remind yourself all the benefits quitting gives to remain positive: Find all benefits here: (must read) http://www.who.int/tobacco/quitting/benefits/en/

It takes generally 60 days for our body and mind to overcome smoking dependance. After that the cravings will be slim to none. If we get any tiny craving after this period,  we have to follow up with our programmed will-power..

Final Words on Nicotine addiction:

(More than two thirds of the smokers want to quit….Those who try, among them just around six percent succeed. Source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2060414/Want-quit-smoking-Study-finds-6-cent-try-succeed—graduates-likely-kick-habit.html )

Why do most people, who try, fail? Because they underestimate the power of this addiction. But you must accept its power and prepare with the counter-strategies given. Win every short battle against cravings. Give yourself all the credit you deserve. These are actually big wins for you. Buy yourself a gift with  all the money you save in 60 days for not buying any cigarettes. Best of luck. You CAN do it!

If you want to join a group of ex smokers, and exchange some support while doing so, join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/winners.quit/

(About the author: I had tried four times to quit smoking before. I slipped every time because my counter reasons were not good enough. Also my everyday friends smoked, and many other reasons made it hard to quit. Then one day I  prepared counter reasons for all. Now that I have given up, I inspire my smoker friends into giving up smoking. I hope you can too. Please do comment your valuable experience and suggestions to help people like us in the future. Share this to anyone you know who requires help. One day may be we can make this world free of this menace.

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