How to Open The Seven Chakras

Chakras illustration

There are seven chakras in our body and mind.They are energy pools located at specific parts of our body. Certain kinds of negative thought and influence can block individual chakras over time. Then our potential will diminish. So to become successful at any goal, unlocking these chakras will benefit us. Then the energy flow will become natural and easy.


Chakra NameLocationDeals withBlocked byOpened by
EarthBase of spineSurvivalFearLet your fears become clear to you. Know the fear is not real. Surrender your fears.
WaterGroinPleasureGuiltAccept what have happened because these things happen. Forgive yourself. Release all guilt and self blame
FireStomachWill powerShameSee all what you are ashamed of. Accept and love yourself even your past mistakes
LifeHeartLoveGriefSee all your guilt, Know love never dies, it is there inside you, reborn into new love. Let the pains flow away
SoundThroatTruthLiesHear all our lies we tell ourselves. Accept your destiny.
LightCentre of foreheadinsightillusion of separationKnow nothing is separate from the other things. Everything is connected.
ThoughtCrown of headcosmic energyAttachmentRelease yourself from all attachments. Don’t expect anything in return. Surrender yourself for a greater cause. Learn to LET GO.


This is for educational purpose only. These are some very simplified description of Chakra, a vast and complex thing. It requires a great devotion to learn many aspects of Chakra. Please refer to an expert teacher before following any hardcore techniques relating to this. Our intension should be to spread wisdom and love among all. If there is any negative intension while doing the exercises, these techniques can cause more harm than any good. So it is the reader’s responsibility to verify and use their own judgement before applying. “Do You Know” is not liable to any responsibilities.

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