How to learn anything fast and effectively?

how to learn anything effectively

how to learn anything effectively


I am a different person than you and my goals can be different than your goals. So you realize I cannot teach you every thing you want to learn. What if tell you how to learn anything in the world? It will be easier for you as you can apply it on anything.To know how to learn anything, follow these steps:

1. What (Realizing the goal)

What do you want to learn? As soon as your mind can answer this in the simplest words your subconscious mind accepts your proposal. Don’t read further unless it is answered first. If you know exactly what you want you may read on.

2. Why (Finding personal motivation)

Everyone finds it easy to copy others. I say copy the technique from as many as possible. But the reason of your action should be coming from your heart and your heart only. Not your family, friends and so on. You have to find your own motivation because that is what will keep you going. Healthy ego is a good thing. Write it down why you want to do what to want to do man.

3. When (Eliminate negative influence, reinforce positive influence)

When you will do new things, you will feel a rush inside. This is a heightened and intense state of our mind. Imagine you are at that time right now. Can you experience the minute details of your surroundings? yes. You can remember everything. However some people think this is fear or anxiety and they fail to go forward. But if you recognize this as your “ready-for-action” time you will reinforce your moral and have a far better chance of success

4.How (Learn from as many sources)

There are countless ways when your destination is clear to you. You may find someone who did it and accept his way. You may read books some. Or you may learn from nature. You may calm yourself down to the point when everything is crystal clear to you. Be relentless until you find what you are looking for. Then apply the learning by identifying the primary steps of the process. If it works well congratulations. If not find out why. Block any negative step as soon as it arises because a disturbing noise should always get blocked.

5. Repeat (Pretend you are the master)

Pretend you are the master and explain it to yourself. Speak loud to yourself like a crazy guy for the maximum effect. Then be your own guide. Repeat your success as many times as possible. This step is what can make you better than others who did not repeat. No one is there to help you outside here and the world can be cruel. Remember this, my friend.

4. Let go (Life is just a dream)

When you are working hard to learn new thing your mind is getting tired. So after sessions of learning let go of everything related to your goal and focus on something else. This is how you give your mind rest much like working out in the gym and then taking a rest. Remember that only while resting our muscles grow. Similarly behavioral changes also occur behind our conscious efforts.

5. Attitude (Enjoying the process)

Learning is not about taking notes. it is also not about memorizing. It is about understanding. And loving the fact that you “Get this” when many don’t. So just be glad now that you understood this lesson from me and look forward to do this again in the future.

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